The Glenn Gould Foundation Interview

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I was fourteen and I started to play one of the English Suites of Bach and to help me better understand the meaning of the work, my teacher took a disc from his library; on the cover there was a beautiful boy, with tousled hair and his hand on his lips, in an ironic and light-hearted expression, which seemed to smile at me.

Since that day, my passion for Glenn Gould has become an inspiration for me in my efforts as a classical pianist, as a fashion model and as a scholar in the field of new media.

Currently I am working on a project started at university which combines classical music, video and storytelling inspired by the Glenn Gould’s innovative ideas on technology.

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Thanks to “The Glenn Gould Foundation” 

In Toronto in 1983, The Glenn Gould Foundation was established to honour Gould and preserve his memory. The Foundation’s mission “is to extend awareness of the legacy of Glenn Gould as an extraordinary musician, communicator, and Canadian, and to advance his visionary and innovative ideas into the future.” Among other activities, the foundation awards the Glenn Gould Prize every three years to “an individual who has earned international recognition as the result of a highly exceptional contribution to music and its communication, through the use of any communications technologies.” The prize consists of $50,000 for an original work by a Canadian artist.

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