Alain Elkann: the elegance in journalism

Being moderate or tolerant or open is not a sign of weakness but of civilization and strength … It means we can all live in the same house as equals. Alain Elkann My dear readers, today I’m very pleased to… Continue Reading

UniVision Days: memorie del cinema, visioni del futuro

  UniVision Days è un evento che propone non delle linee guida, ma delle suggestioni e delle contaminazioni. All’ interno del palinsesto si possono, infatti, trovare alcuni classici del grande cinema italiano, i tributi a Maestri con Francesco Rosi, Pierpaolo… Continue Reading

Yves Klein/Lucio Fontana ( Milano Parigi 1957- 1962 )

  Two men apart, by age and birth, yet very close in their conception of artistic revolution. The amazing thing is to find out that it is only the first of a long series. A game-challenge proposed by the exhibition… Continue Reading