Glenn Gould The Anniversaries #LiveStreaming on Facebook @D Major Tv

D Major Tv presents: The Glenn Gould Anniversaries 20 May 2017 -From 10 am to 10 pm – we celebrate #LiveStreaming the iconic canadian pianist Glenn Gould, from D Major TV studio with The Glenn Gould Foundation. The pianists associated that plays on… Continue Reading

Giuseppe Chiaramonte: like a melisma

  Born in Italy in 1985, Giuseppe Chiaramonte debuted as a classical guitar concert artist at the age of 15 and has performed many concerts throughout Italy, meeting with a notable audience and critical success everywhere he has played. Among these,… Continue Reading

Emozioni Sonore 2013 – A sostegno della non violenza sulle donne

Emozioni Sonore 2013 – Concorso d’arte emergente a  sostegno della non violenza sulle donne Emozioni Sonore 2013, è un evento musicale  gratuito a sostegno della non violenza sulla donna. All’evento, patrocinato da Regione Lombardia,Provincia di Milano e Comune di Milano e Regione Lazio, possono partecipare tutte le band, i cantautori i cantanti e tutti gli… Continue Reading