Alain Mességué: the secret power of plants

Oggi parliamo di benessere e di Expo 2015 con un ospite internazionale  Alain Mességué   Nato in una caldissima sera d’estate, il 2 luglio di 67 anni fa, a Bergerac, il paese del Cyrano di Edmondo Rostand, Alain Camille è… Continue Reading

A chat with Arthur Elgort/ Exhibition @Galleria Sozzani 2015

  While his sons Ansel and Warren Elgort are making names for themselves in the world of film, Arthur Elgort is famed for his fashion photography and his work with Vogue. Milan’s Galleria Carla Sozzani celebrates 50 years of his… Continue Reading

Yves Klein/Lucio Fontana ( Milano Parigi 1957- 1962 )

  Two men apart, by age and birth, yet very close in their conception of artistic revolution. The amazing thing is to find out that it is only the first of a long series. A game-challenge proposed by the exhibition… Continue Reading