Alain Mességué: the secret power of plants

Oggi parliamo di benessere e di Expo 2015 con un ospite internazionale  Alain Mességué   Nato in una caldissima sera d’estate, il 2 luglio di 67 anni fa, a Bergerac, il paese del Cyrano di Edmondo Rostand, Alain Camille è… Continue Reading

Yves Klein/Lucio Fontana ( Milano Parigi 1957- 1962 )

  Two men apart, by age and birth, yet very close in their conception of artistic revolution. The amazing thing is to find out that it is only the first of a long series. A game-challenge proposed by the exhibition… Continue Reading

Etienne Abelin: technology meets the violin’s virtuoso

Musiclovers! Today is with a me very special “Cyber” Violinist: Etienne Abelin! Etienne Abelin is a Swiss violinist and conductor, a serial creative entrepreneur and TEDx speaker. He is the founder of classYcal, a start-up dedicated to innovations in classical music including the Ynight… Continue Reading