Stephen Malinowsky when music meet Sci-fi

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at work

at work

Björk: “I ran into Stephen’s animations on YouTube early on in the project. They were so inspiring and seemed to fit seamlessly into the project, so we asked him to collaborate. I had started working on my music book and was trying to bridge the gap between notation and MIDI. I feel Stephen’s work does so in a very elegant way, with a dash of poetic licence.”

Mysterious Malinowski, lives on the internet but it reveals very little.

His Youtube videos circulating for a long time and some of these are extraordinary pure visual art.
If the soundtrack is Bach or Chopin, the effect is guaranteed.

Not surprisingly, the singer Bjork has decided to launch its latest app for Android called “Biophilia”. Here s  short bio that I found on him:

Back in the 1970s Stephen Malinowski came up with the Music Animation Machine, an animated graphical interface that represents a musical performance. Instead of traditional musical notation, Malinowski’s interface uses geometric shapes on a bar graph to visualize sounds, making the complexities of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” or Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” easier and more intrinsic to understand for those of us who aren’t versed in the intricacies of musical notation.

Initially conceived as an animation, he used his basic programming skills—honed on an Atari 800—and made the idea into a piece of software. Björk spotted his videos on YouTube and got him on board to provide the animations for the apps in her Biophilia project.

Even though Malinowski came up with the Music Animation Machine 40 years ago, he’s still bursting with ideas, releasing apps like Harmonizer, which is a pitch trainer for infants, and is currently working on a live performance version of his animation software. We chatted with him via Skye about the Music Animation Machine and how it came to be featured in Biophilia.

Alida: First of all, thank you Stephen for being here with me in this virtual space. You’re a nice mix between a composer and a scientist, it seems like you are a character of a science fiction novel, if Asimov were still alive he’ll had a lot of material to write a novel! But jokes aside, you’ve created a softwere that interacts with the music. Tell us a bit more about this wonderful invention.


Stephen MalinowskiAlida: One of the greatest performance of you are your machine was with “Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra” conducted by Alexander Shelley in October 12th and 13th in 2012. Would you like to tell me more about this concert? I think you were very excited!

Stephen: My policy is not to answer the same question more than once.

Most of what you’ve asked is covered in the interviews posted here …


Here a video!

Stephen Malinowski

Alida:  An episode of your life, as reported by wikipedia was listening to Bach under the influence of LSD. A story that connects you to many writers such as Burroughs and beatnik, but also to Steve Jobs, I declare that after that experience like his brain had acquired the ability unimaginable. I understand that this does not want to be an incitement to drug use, but I guess for you that one time represented a cathartic moment.

Stephen: The experience was fascinating.  I wouldn’t say cathartic.  But the invention of the animated graphical score came later, as a result of that experience, not during it.

Users of hallucinogenic drugs have reported that my animated graphical scores are improved by being high.

Stephen Malinowski

Stephen Malinowski

Stephen Malinowski

Alida: Do you think that music has the ability to connect with other psychic dimensions?

Stephen: Sorry, I don’t know about any “other psychic dimensions” — just the one I’m in.

Alida: A book you’ve read recently and maybe inspired you.

Stephen: Starting with this morning and working my way back to the beginning of 2014:

All of those were inspiring in one way or another.

Alida:  What do you do in your spare time?

Stephen: All my time is spare time — I’m retired.  I do what I want all the time.  It would be too boring for most people.

Alida: Your relation with Social Media, and your personal thought about new technology.

Stephen: Enclosed is something I wrote a couple of days ago.

Alida: A place in which you are particularly fond?

Stephen: No.

Alida: Future project

Stephen: My European partner (Etienne Abelin) and I are working on a project with some students in Vienna.  They will study some music by Boulez, analyze it, and work with us to create an animation, and then present it in concert.

Bjork- Biophilia App

Bjork- Biophilia App