Web Content


When the pianist is a Web content creator :

The visibility on the web today is a natural thing , but we know web surfing work it takes to create interesting content.

Like all web content editor, I often find it difficult to explain to the others my work. If I were a plumber, electrician or nurse, it would be much simpler. No one would question to better understand: a plumber is a plumber, there’s nothing to understand. But what the heck is a web content editor?

My work consists precisely in this : looking for trends on the web, in  travels, in  study and deepening of current issues .
The research is the basis of this work that now I will you explain a little better.

I feel like a cross between an advertiser, an editor paid to the web , an artist and a dreamer .

The image  in the world of today has a special valence  attraction for boaters and if accompanied by a great video and text will attract the attention and trigger interesting debates among users.

The music, art, fashion and culture are part of my background that early in the service of companies and brands , with competence and dedication.
I like to involve the audience in an experience to carry it with me to discover the world of things and always new and fascinating .

Through the SEO techniques I optimize pages for search engines, and I like to play with spiders to push up the canvas of Google & Co.

The web content marketing is not only cold but often get to know people , and help the readers like you to reading some interesting things!

See you on the web!

Alida Altemburg