The Glenn Gould Foundation: from Bach to Philip Glass


“I think that if I were required to spend the rest of my life on a desert island, and to listen to or play the music of any one composer during all that time, that composer would almost certainly be Bach. I really can’t think of any other music which is so all-encompassing, which moves me so deeply and so consistently, and which, to use a rather imprecise word, is valuable beyond all of its skill and brilliance for something more meaningful than that — its humanity.”

 Glenn Gould


My dear friends and piano lovers, today I’m so honored to have as special guest The Glenn Gould Foundation from Toronto.

We know Glenn Gould as one of the best interpreter of Bach and a visionary communicator. The Glenn Gould Foundation collects the legacy of “the exegete of Bach” and brings to us his indelible memory involving international artists and create a lot of beautiful project as you can see in the Official website the #GivingChallenge

This year in (April 12th – 14th 2015)  the american composer Philip Glass has been chosen as the Eleventh Glenn Gould Prize Laureate.  Through his operas, symphonies, film scores, compositions for ensembles, and wide-ranging collaborations with artists from many disciplines, Philip Glass has had an extraordinary impact on the musical, artistic and intellectual life of his times.

“Our jury has made a brilliant choice in selecting Philip Glass,” said Brian Levine, Executive Director of The Glenn Gould Foundation.  “At the start of his career his music was seen as radical and even derided for being contrary to the prevailing musical current, but his work advanced solidly until it permeated our cultural consciousness; it has exerted a profound influence on a whole generation of composers, filmmakers, dramatists and opera directors.  In his work and life, he reveals himself to be a man of deep spirituality and conscience as reflected in the themes of his operatic creations and film scores. We are honoured to present the Prize to an artist of such originality, conviction and vision.”


“I am very pleased to be the winner of the Eleventh Glenn Gould Prize.  It is for me a special honor as I am one of the many musicians who have been inspired by him. Glenn Gould’s name is associated with a lifetime of excellence in music interpretation and performance. Also I am aware that this award places me in the company of some of the most celebrated names in the broad spectrum of the music of our time. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that I accept this award.”

Philip Glass


When and where The Glenn Gould Foundation started. What are the key points about your program (vision and mission)?


The Glenn Gould Foundation is a registered Canadian charitable organization that was established in 1983 in Toronto, following Glenn Gould’s death.  Our mission is to honour Glenn Gould’s spirit and legacy by celebrating brilliance, promoting creativity and transforming lives through the power of music and the arts with the Foundation’s signature activities, including The Glenn Gould Prize. 

Glenn Gould, people know his personality according to the videos that are circulating on the web. He was a great communicator, as McLhuan, he has been able to talk about piano and art all over the media , such as radio and television. Do you think is important, in this new era, to use social media to spread a certain type of music, such as Bach?

It’s really exciting that the world has access to videos of Glenn Gould’s performances, and that they are still so widely viewed and shared. Social media is now one of the biggest means of communication in the world, and we think it’s important to be able to use the internet to share music and other arts with people who wouldn’t be able to see them otherwise.

I read with pleasure the announcement that the american composer and pianist Philip Glass has been named the Eleventh recipient of the Glenn Gould Prize!  Would you like to tell to our readers something about this special occasion?

 This past April, we convened a jury of 10 celebrity artists and arts supporters from around the world, and after intense deliberations they chose Philip Glass as our 11th Glenn Gould Prize Laureate. We’re very excited by their decision and we’re now in the planning stages for the Prize Gala where he will receive the award. Philip Glass is a visionary artist and unique in his field for his work across multiple genres – he has worked in film, theatre, pop and concert music throughout his extensive career. Please stay tuned for upcoming news about the Eleventh Prize events, including the announcement of Mr. Glass’s chosen recipient of the City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protégé Prize.

11th Prize Jury

In the near future there are some possibilities to create a Glenn Gould project in Europe, or even in Italy? 

 We’re always open to exciting opportunities, and love to collaborate if someone suggests a great project!

The Glenn Gould Foundation recently started an on line project “Piano Week” : how was that experience?

The Piano Week project was actually produced by the CBC, we weren’t really involved. It was a fun project, with posts on all things keyboard related, and it included a lovely video of the Glenn Gould statue that we commissioned from sculptor Ruth Abernathy in 1999. You can see the video (and the rest of the blog) here:!/Piano-Week/blogs/2015/1/Watch-this-beautiful-Glenn-Gould-time-lapse-photo-essay

Do you have any particular anecdote about Gould that would you like to tell?

 Here at The Foundation we’re all big fans of Fran’s Restaurant, which was Glenn’s favourite restaurant and still exists in Toronto today. They recently did a 75th Anniversary promotion where guests could order at 1940s pricing – a burger was 25 cents! Glenn’s favourite meal there was scrambled eggs, white toast and weak tea, but our staff prefers the club sandwich with sweet potato fries.

 Future projects and events?

We’re working hard to plan the Eleventh Glenn Gould Prize Gala for Philip Glass! It will take place in Spring 2016. Right now we’re raising funds through the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, through Canada Helps. Please take a look at our social media for updates on how your support can help us launch our new outreach initiatives and maybe even win $10,000! Plus you’ll have a chance to win some cool Glenn Gould prizes. Follow us (links below) to learn more and keep updated on future events and projects!

Special Dedication by The Glenn Gould Foundation

I really would like to thanks for make this interview possible:

Amy-Lynn Kitchen

Director of Design and Communications

Lilian Belknap 

Operations Coordinator

Kate Foster

Office Manager

and of course  Brian Levine 

the Executive Director 


UniVision Days: memorie del cinema, visioni del futuro

Marco Spagnoli Alida Altemburg


UniVision Days è un evento che propone non delle linee guida, ma delle suggestioni e delle contaminazioni. All’ interno del palinsesto si possono, infatti, trovare alcuni classici del grande cinema italiano, i tributi a Maestri con Francesco Rosi, Pierpaolo Pasolini e Mario Monicelli (che avrebbe compiuto 100 anni quest’anno proprio il 16 maggio) nonché una retrospettiva – forse – la prima in Italia, dedicata alle Principesse Disney. Un’orgogliosa celebrazione della storia del cinema con la proiezione integrale di The Story of Film: An Odyssey al fianco di giornate dedicate ad amatissimi personaggi dei cartoni animati.

Marco Spagnoli apre raccontando dell’iniziativa, sette giorni all’insegna della cultura, del cinema e della televisione. Un salotto di incontri per celebrare l’incontro tra il cinema e il mondo digitale.


Gianni Canova Alida Altemburg


Ad UniVision  è parlato di media digitali e sopratutto di tecnologia per l’home entertainment e sopratutto per informare ed educare. Un altro punto saliente della press conference è stato proprio quello della valorizzazione del cinema italiano, che come ha sottolineato il mio ex docente e Preside della Facoltà di Cinema e Comunicazione Iulm Gianni Canova gode invece di un folto pubblico. Il professore ha affermato che il corso di Cinema Italiano è tra i piu seguiti di sempre (vi posso assicurare che è stato proprio uno dei miei corsi preferiti!). Occorre far conoscere i registi, gli attori e tutti i protagonisti dei grandi film italiani.

Antonio De Santo Pinto

Intervento commuovente quello del giornalista Antonio Desanto Pinto che ricordava l’amico Francesco Rosi , con qualche aneddoto sulla prima intervista che fece al grande regista.

Anche il regista Roberto Faenza, grandissimo maestro del cinema italiano di cui ricorderete sicuramente il film ” Sostiene Pereira” con un incredibile Marcello Mastroianni, parla di giovani non informati “Non un ragazzo su oltre 1500 interrogati conosceva uno dei film. Vanno nei multiplex e vedeno quello che viene offerto. Siccome i multiplex non offrono i film più di pensiero ecco che loro non li conoscono. E questo è un probelma solo italiano, Mommy ad esempio ha incassato pochissimo in Italia, mentre in Francia ha incassato quasi 8 milioni. Ecco perché questo tipo di iniziativa è importante andrebbe allargato anche alle scuole. Siamo nel dopoguerra culturale., bisogna ricostruire il paese. E’ un grave danno che subiscono i giovani. Sempre facendo test in un liceo di Palermo ho proiettato Sostiene Pereira con Mastroianni, non uno aveva sentito nominare Mastroianni, e sono trascorsi solo pochi anni dalla sua scomparsa. Ben vengano queste iniziative, bisognerebbe andare nelle scuole. Il nostro è un grande cinema, è un delitto non farlo conoscere.”

Roberto Faenza e Alida Altemburg

UniVision Propone un palinsesto di eventi cinematografici interessantissimi. La presentazione darà il via agli UniVision Days – l’evento culturale dedicato alla valorizzazione dell’home entertainment in Italia – che, attraverso un ricco calendario di incontri, sarà a Milano fino al 14 Maggio. Una serie di appuntamenti fatti di incontri, dibattiti, confronti, proiezioni di anteprime alla presenza di registi, attori, distributori home video al quale è possibile partecipare gratuitamente.

Roberto Faenza e Marco Spagnoli

Ecco il programma di queste giornate:

6 Maggio

Conferenza Stampa Mediateca Braidense Ore 11.00

Francesco Rosi Day

Ore 15.00 – Proiezione ‘Le mani sulla città’

Ore 17.00 – Master Class su Il cinema civile italiano

* Daniele Vicari

Andrea Molaioli

Ore 19.00 – Proiezione Unico Intervista a Francesco Rosi

Ore 20.00 – Proiezione ‘Salvatore Giuliano’ con introduzione dell’inviato speciale Tonino Pinto

7 Maggio

Ore 10.30 – Proiezione ‘Todo Modo’

Ore 15.00 – Master Class sulla musica per il cinema in Italia – World Intellectual Property Day

* Pasquale Catalano

* Riccardo Giagni

* Lele Marchitelli

* Umberto Scipione

* Giovanni Venosta

* Fabio Liberatori

* Giordano Corapi

* Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi

* Santi Pulvirenti

Ore 18.30 Roberto Faenza presenta ‘Copkiller’

8 Maggio

Cinema e letteratura

Ore 10.30 Proiezione Teatri di Guerra di Mario Martone con Martone e Fabio Ferzetti curatore del Dvd

Ore 12.30 – Presentazione libri

Un cantiere letterario per Luchino Visconti a cura di Salvatore Silvano Nigro e Silvia Moretti, Edizioni Sellerio

Il tempo migliore della nostra vita di Antonio Scurati, Edizioni Bompiani

Alla presenza degli autori

Ore 15.00 – Il Giovane Favoloso di Mario Martone

Ore 17.30 – Maraviglioso Boccaccio alla presenza del cast e dei registi

Ore 21.00 – Senza nessuna pietà – alla presenza del cast e del regista

Vi aspettiamo ad UniVision Days, non mancate!



a Milano dal 6 all’ 8 maggio presso l’Università IULM, e dal 9 al 14 maggio presso lo spazio Vogue in Porta Nuova;
a Roma dal 11 al 18 giugno presso le Scuderie di Palazzo Ruspoli.

Giacomo Morelli: more than shoes!


Today I’m so proud to announce you a very special guest: Giacomo Morelli.  Let me introduce you a very young, spirit free talent and a man full of passion and devotion for his job. We met on the web, and finally in person in my office Cll Milano.

He started with a collaboration with Trussardi and  he worked  alongside the creative directors – before Milan Vukmirovic, then Umit Benan, he has acquired a great knowledge and experience. After this incredible journey, Giacomo decided to start another adventure: his personal line of shoes!

The Collection is insipired by the trips that Giacomo made from Spain to Africa after an exploration ranging from Kenya to the tropical forest, and he arrived the United States. Last stop: Las Vegas!

Now he is back for a couple of weeks in Milan,  where he was interviewed by the american’s journal Forbes,as one of the most young and amazing talent under 30! Check the article:

His great energy is contagious and trust me this guy is so humble and polite…


Hello Giacomo, I’d like to start with a classic: tell me something about your background.
“I graduated first in industrial / interior design and then in Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. After that I’ve got the opportunity to work with some of the most important fashion brand, in the design division, for example with Trussardi. I learned a lot thanks this job. After that I decided to continue to travel and I started to design for my own shoes brand (

How did you get to fashion?
“I come from the Marches, a place notorious for manufacturing shoes, plus I had a ton of friends with shoe businesses, and a father working in the footwear industry. My aesthetic sensibility has brought me closer to fashion. At one point it became my main interest. As I told you since I was a kid I had this kind of “sense of beauty” and I was fascinated by the things around me. I’m always like a kid in the creative process. I don’t like to follow trends, I like to follow what I felt, deepest inside myself and I always thought about that, if fit’s for me maybe someone like it.”

I don’t know, that sounds like something a Japanese person might be into!What is for you the elegance?

“Fashion can be a self expression. I feel cozy when I wear a t shirt and a jacket, or a coat that I like. Even the quality is a fundamental part of it. Of course the taste in fashion is quite important. But elegance, it’s something simple and absolutly free of prejudice.”


Wow, tell me about your tattoo!

“I had these old drawings for a work. So one day I pulled them out of the drawer and these arrows were born … One white, the and the other one black. A ll my tattoos have a white side on the right and a black side on the left of my body ..

Witch kind of music you like when you work or in your spare time?

I really like all music. I embrace a lot o genre, and I don’t have a favourite one! I just randomize some playlist on my device and listen, for pleasure.


Your method of work and creation?
“I do not follow a precise methodology. My creativity is a more instinctive. For example consider that: my logo (The Back and Whiter Stripes n.d.a) is born when I was very young, I was pretty obsessed by this idea… So when I’m growing up I even try to preserve my child side, and improve it as a fundamental part of my creative process.”

What is your relationship with social media?

“What I have to say is: I like Social Media but I’m to busy with my work and I’m always on the go ! Any way, I have someone who takes care on online brand communication … ”

Future project?

I prepared a ready to wear line, where I’ve mixed the formal and the sports wear. My team ( the greatest and I we are working on our new website  (,especially on the e-store. My focus is on the American market, wish me good luck!

Good Luck Giacomo, and thank a lot for this interesting interview! See you soon on the web!

Follow Giacomo and his amazing new adventure: