Out of the Water @Red Stitch Actors Theatre

Out of water directed by Nadia Tass

by Brooke Bremen

World Premiere

Directed by Nadia Tass

With Kate Cole, Brett Cousins & Emily Milledge

Lighting Designer Jason Bovaird
Set Designers Andrew Bellchambers & Jacob Battista
Sound Designers Russell Goldsmith & Daniel Nixon
Costume Designer Rebecca Dunn
Production Manager Clare Springett
Stage Manager Rebekah Gibbs

Polly and Graham knew each other once. Or rather, they didn’t know each other, once. Now Graham has embarked on an odyssey, and Polly isn’t scared of anyone.

New York, an erotic encounter, and the urgency of the forbidden.

A searing excavation of love and family, Out of the Water delves to the depths of personal loneliness and questions our primal hunger for intimacy.


Greek Australian director Nadia Tass has won the award for Best Director at the Milan International Film Festival for her film Matching Jack.

Greek Australian director Nadia Tass has won the award for Best Director at the Milan International Film Festival for her film Matching Jack.

About Nadia Tass:

Nadia Tass (born 1956) is a film director, producer and actress, originally from Florina,Macedonia, northern Greece, who moved to Australia in the 1960s. She began her career as an actress appearing in the television series Prisoners. Tass has developed into one of Australia’s most respected and unique filmmakers with her films being responsible for twenty-three Australian Film Institute (AFI) nominations, while garnering eight wins including Best Film and Best Director. She has also directed plays in Australia including Miss BosniaCosiand Summer of the Aliens.

Nadia Tass is married to fellow Australian director David Parker.

World Première "Out of the Water"

With Nadia Tass @Red Stitch Actors Theatre



Nadia Tass directs Out of the Water by Brooke Berman, the first play in Red Stitch’s 2014 season. It’s a world premiere for Berman’s play — a story about family and Manhattan — and a much anticipated return for Tass, a veteran of film and theatre, who last worked with the company in 2012, directing a remarkable production of the The Aliens.

Hi Nadia, where did you first come across this play?
I read it! It was in a batch of plays I read, and this was one I connected with. It does what theatre is meant to do: hold up a mirror and show us how we are living, identify our needs and ask the right questions about our world and our needs as human beings.

And what made you think of Red Stitch for this play?
Red Stitch provides a platform to focus on the work with actors who can do the work. It is not about anything else but the quality and focus on what is being scrutinised, evaluated and questioned.

Berman is an up-and-coming New York playwright, and, excitingly, this production will be a world première. This is something of a coup, is it not?
My movie overseas was pushed by two months, and Red Stitch approached me and I told them I wanted to do this specific play, and I could do it in January or February, so they accommodated that and scheduled it into their 2014 season.

What would you say the play is about?
This play is about connection. It’s about human beings connecting with each other. Brooke Berman is an original voice, her work is infused with individuals in most intriguing situations that behave in a most surprising and unpredictable way, yet reveal an intimate aspect of the human condition. With Out of the Water she reveals a need for intimacy and deep connection as a human necessity. On the surface, we appear to belong and to be functioning seemingly well, yet at the deepest level, there is a craving and desperation for connection in contemporary relationships.

Out of the Water stars Kate Cole, Brett Cousins and Emily Milledge and opens at Red Stitch on 5 Febrauary. There will be a Q&A with the cast after the 20 February show.


By Andrew Fuhrmann
A special mention to the sounds designers Russell Goldsmith & Daniel Nixon  they did a very good job with  music on the scene,  that helps the viewer to enter into the real-life of the characters, very delicate penetrating in  the deepest parts of our soul.
With the amazing sound designer Daniel Nixon

With the amazing sound designer Daniel Nixon

(Very soon a special interview with Daniel!)