Nick Smyth @ Cannes with “Somnolence”

Nick Smyth actor

Nick Smyth actor

Wow! Today is with me a special friend, beautiful, elegant and with a great talent for acting.
He was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Obsessed with physical comedy at an early age, Nick Smyth started working as a series regular with the CBC television series “Street Cents” while still attending Auburn Drive High School in 2002.
He started performing Stand-up Comedy constantly at age 19 in Halifax and then moved to Toronto, Canada at age 20 where he worked briefly with Much Music and then started doing various TV commercials and comedy shows around town while taking workshops at the famed Toronto comedy theater Second City.
This year he became one of the star of the Cannes Festival with the short movie “Somnolence”.
"Somnolence" presented at Cannes Festival

“Somnolence” presented at Cannes Festival

Alida: Hello Nick! It’s nice to have you here in this virtual space! Let’s go with the questions are you ready?
Nick: Yes :)
Alida: When did you start to manifest the passion for acting?
Nick: I wanted to be an actor as far back as I can remember .. It just always made the most sense to me and felt the most natural. I have memories as a child with adults asking what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up’ and the words “I want to be an actor’ is what always came out of my mouth. I had a lot of moments in high school that really cemented that passion for acting. I was very shy growing up (around most people anyway, I was always a big ham) and it was high school where I really came out of my shell and was involved with all the school productions and things and I have very specific memories of coming off a stage and saying to myself “whatever I have to do to get this feeling everyday I’m doing it.” and the addiction really sunk in after those moments. Acting has always been the one tihing in my life I’ve ever been completely sure of. I’ve always felt like that was lifes gift to me, giving me something that made me feel so alive.
Alida: Three words for define yourself.
Nick: Passionate. Believer. Faith.
Nick Smyth in "Somnolence"

Nick Smyth in “Somnolence”

Alida: Many compliments for your role on the movie “Somnolence” presented in this edition of Cannes Festival. Would you like to talk me about your character?
Nick: I play a character named George Porter, who is a man living with a lot of heavy emotion and is in many ways lost. He is still dealing with his sisters death at night while he dreams (the story takes place in the future where dreaming is no longer necessary) and hes also dealing with the disconnection he has with his wife. So in many ways, he feels very alone. It’s a very emotional character that I’m very much looking forward to exploring more in the feature length version of the film. The short film just had it’s screening at the Short Film Corner in Cannes this year.
Alida: What’s your favourite singer and your favourite song?
Nick: Tough question! Haha my music tastes all depend on the time of day and mood. But if I had to choose I’m gunna have to go old school and re-live my childhood favorite with Jerry Lee Lewis’ Great Balls Of Fire.
Nick Smyth pose

Nick Smyth pose

Alida: I love Great Balls of Fire, one day I’ll have to try to burning on fire my piano! ( :D ) By the way… A place for relax yourself and find inspiration
Nick: Well I grew up in Nova Scotia, so there is nothing quite as relaxing than being by the water. By the water is where I feel the most at home so it brings a lot of relaxation and self reflection out of me. When it comes to inspiration I find that in other people all the time. Strong willed, passionate people that are driven are what I love to see and be around. Any story about a person who decided to work their ass off, go through hell and back to achieve what they believed in and made something out of nothing is what truly, truly inspires me. I have such a thirst for those stories, I love it.
Alida: Your relation with fashion. Do you like to wear sophisticated suit or you prefer a cosy comfortable style?
Nick: Oh sophisticated suit all the way .. there ls just something about putting a crisp new suit on that really gives you confidence and makes you feel good. I love clothes that have a classic look to them.
Alida: What is your relation with social media? I saw your are very active on Instagram…
Nick: I think social media is a great place to keep in contact with friends that you wouldn’t otherwise see very often .. but also social media is such an important place to promote yourself. Facebook is great for that and I love instagram, it;s just really easy and fast and you can reach a lot of people that way. These days social media is almost a second full time job to keep up with all that is going on and updating your stuff – but is completely necessary I think.
Nick Smyth with his dog! ;)

Nick Smyth with his dog! ;)

Alida: What is the secret to merge in very competitive market of filming industry?
Nick: Oh boy, good question – if there;s a secret please let me know when you find out haha. It;s no secret that this is a crazy rough buisness and so much is depending on timing and just sheer luck. I’m a believer that the harder you work, the luckier you get. So that should really be your main focus, work, work, work. Believe in what you’re doing and don;t take rejection to heart, youre on a path and your writing your story as you go. I think there are some people that get caught up in the competition side of it and I just can;t see it like that, it;s important to make sure youre in it for the right reasons – do it because every bone in your body is telling you that this is what you’re meant to do. Do it because this is the one thing that makes you feel the most alive, it;s a high that youve experienced like no other. It;s your passion and it;s your love – there;s something very special about that. Also it;s so important to check your ego at the door, nobody wants to work with that – go in as a student, be open minded and open hearted because when you go into it like that there are so many people who you can come across that can show you so much and that’s the real education of an actor. So just go out there and stay focused on those reasons and above all else believe in yourself, believe in what you do. The power of belief is everything.
Alida: Project for the future?
Nick: There’s a lot of great stuff coming up that I’m very excited about – Somnolence which was a short film that was involved with Cannes this year is now being shaped into a feature and I’m very excited about that. I’m lucky enough to always have stuff on the go and there are some great projects in the works right now that I’m involved in so please keep your eye out!
Nick Smyth answer to the fans! :)

Nick Smyth answer to the fans! :)

Thanks a lot to Nick, my AMAZING guest of today…
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