Giacomo Morelli: more than shoes!


Today I’m so proud to announce you a very special guest: Giacomo Morelli.  Let me introduce you a very young, spirit free talent and a man full of passion and devotion for his job. We met on the web, and finally in person in my office Cll Milano.

He started with a collaboration with Trussardi and  he worked  alongside the creative directors – before Milan Vukmirovic, then Umit Benan, he has acquired a great knowledge and experience. After this incredible journey, Giacomo decided to start another adventure: his personal line of shoes!

The Collection is insipired by the trips that Giacomo made from Spain to Africa after an exploration ranging from Kenya to the tropical forest, and he arrived the United States. Last stop: Las Vegas!

Now he is back for a couple of weeks in Milan,  where he was interviewed by the american’s journal Forbes,as one of the most young and amazing talent under 30! Check the article:

His great energy is contagious and trust me this guy is so humble and polite…


Hello Giacomo, I’d like to start with a classic: tell me something about your background.
“I graduated first in industrial / interior design and then in Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. After that I’ve got the opportunity to work with some of the most important fashion brand, in the design division, for example with Trussardi. I learned a lot thanks this job. After that I decided to continue to travel and I started to design for my own shoes brand (

How did you get to fashion?
“I come from the Marches, a place notorious for manufacturing shoes, plus I had a ton of friends with shoe businesses, and a father working in the footwear industry. My aesthetic sensibility has brought me closer to fashion. At one point it became my main interest. As I told you since I was a kid I had this kind of “sense of beauty” and I was fascinated by the things around me. I’m always like a kid in the creative process. I don’t like to follow trends, I like to follow what I felt, deepest inside myself and I always thought about that, if fit’s for me maybe someone like it.”

I don’t know, that sounds like something a Japanese person might be into!What is for you the elegance?

“Fashion can be a self expression. I feel cozy when I wear a t shirt and a jacket, or a coat that I like. Even the quality is a fundamental part of it. Of course the taste in fashion is quite important. But elegance, it’s something simple and absolutly free of prejudice.”


Wow, tell me about your tattoo!

“I had these old drawings for a work. So one day I pulled them out of the drawer and these arrows were born … One white, the and the other one black. A ll my tattoos have a white side on the right and a black side on the left of my body ..

Witch kind of music you like when you work or in your spare time?

I really like all music. I embrace a lot o genre, and I don’t have a favourite one! I just randomize some playlist on my device and listen, for pleasure.


Your method of work and creation?
“I do not follow a precise methodology. My creativity is a more instinctive. For example consider that: my logo (The Back and Whiter Stripes n.d.a) is born when I was very young, I was pretty obsessed by this idea… So when I’m growing up I even try to preserve my child side, and improve it as a fundamental part of my creative process.”

What is your relationship with social media?

“What I have to say is: I like Social Media but I’m to busy with my work and I’m always on the go ! Any way, I have someone who takes care on online brand communication … ”

Future project?

I prepared a ready to wear line, where I’ve mixed the formal and the sports wear. My team ( the greatest and I we are working on our new website  (,especially on the e-store. My focus is on the American market, wish me good luck!

Good Luck Giacomo, and thank a lot for this interesting interview! See you soon on the web!

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