#MFW _ Junglam Magazine meet Vogue Remix 2015

I was there for you my friends as a model and spokeswoman for @Junglam ( www.junglam.com) and Nava Design (http://navadesign.com). Here the article from http://www.wearefur.com/remix2015 For my complete article visit: www.junglam.com Milan, March 5 2015 – REMIX, the international fashion and fur… Continue Reading

A chat with Arthur Elgort/ Exhibition @Galleria Sozzani 2015

  While his sons Ansel and Warren Elgort are making names for themselves in the world of film, Arthur Elgort is famed for his fashion photography and his work with Vogue. Milan’s Galleria Carla Sozzani celebrates 50 years of his… Continue Reading

Elisabeth Sombart: with “Résonnance” I bring piano in the places of solidarity

Dear friends, it’s my pleasure today to announce this special woman and great pianist: Elizabeth Sombart. We had a very lovely conversation by phone and let me say how she is wonderful, humble and pretty. Here you can find a… Continue Reading