Antonio Guccione “From Jesus to Yves Saint Laurent”

Antonio Guccione


Hello Antonio, I would like to thank you for give me the oppportunity to interview you in exclusive.

You have photographed the most beautiful woman in the world, like Tyra Banks and Carol Alt, Hollywood actors as Dustin Hoffman and charachters from Jet-Set and Fashion  as Giorgio Armani.

Between all this fashion campaign count high-fashion exellence as Versace, Moschino,Roberto Cavalli, Moncler and many others. In your longer career you make sure not to miss anything! Now you show us a part of you very introspective, but we can speak always about potrait.


Potrait full of pop art and surrealism in exibithion @Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi  & Matthias Ritter in Milan “From Jesus to Yves Saint Laurent”.

Humans skulls everywhere, but not normal skulls: Andy Warhol with his fake air, Jason Pollock with his skull liquefy in the colours and again Jhon Lennon arrivining to Jesus. Sacred and profane. From Eros to Zanathos, with a little of humour.


Alida: Would you like to tell me how was made the creative process that brings your thought that became marvellous photographic canvas?

Antonio Guccione:“How the creative process it’s manifest? I don’t know, I know only the all happens for a game, like a misterious fluid that brings me between the lights, the colours and the comopositions.

It’s like I was sitting infront a pianoforte trying to invent a kind of harmony that didn’t exist before, but will exist only in the moment of creation.“From Jesus to Yves Saint Laurent” was born for a quirk of fate, for play, during I was “playing with my photographic camera”, I was wondering about that Skull.The first one that I photographed look like Benito Mussolini. After, when I printed the photo I’ve put my singature on and I showed to the most important art curator in Milan, who was enthusiast, and not only she bought the photo but she said to me that the idea was very intersting. Since that moment I have started to memorize a series of charachters from History and the creative process even during 5 years. I hope that project it is finished finally”

Salvador Dalì

Salvador Dalì

Alida:  What is your relation with Eros and what about Zanathos?

Antonio Guccione:Eros: the pulsion of life. Never growing up, remain children for ever, watch everithing with desire and if it’s necessary make some mistake, live life with a strongly infinity desire to under stand better. The pulsion of dead: I see the dead in every place, in the sad face of old people, in the sick, in the poor, she (the death) try to catch me, but I walk away, and she appears again and I mock her , and this is a sort of a game, the important is  havent’t fear about that.

 Alida: You are more like Apollo or Dioniso?

Antonio Guccione”Today I can say, I’m more Apollo, only for the experience that I gained in the time/during the life time, but I was Dioniso in the past between experience of the mind brings to exess. I love Nietzsche, the difference between me and him it’s that I never growing older, the symbol that represent me it’s the SUN.”

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

 Alida: This Skulls still differencing for what we think they are, otherwise in  reality they are kind of stereotipe about what we thinking to see. But rather than a platitude:  Dali’s mustaches, Jhon Lennon’s glasses, Andy Wharol’s grey fake hair, Magritte’s pipe, Jhon Lennon’s glasses. Feature particularity reconizable between thousand ,therefore  overdue the death . There is also you in  one of this pictures, in a self-picture with your camera and  the hat so ironic and sly. What have you felt when you did this self potrait?

Antonio Guccione: “In truth, I wanted to made a tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe my american colleague that I met  in New York, when my son Alexander looked at the Skull  with the camera my son Alexander said “Daddy, are you  doing  a potrait of your self?” After I’ve just added my glasses and my hat. When it was finished I was afraid, and I decided to sign with  the title of “Artist Proof”.


Antonio Guccione "Artist Proof"

Antonio Guccione “Artist Proof”


 Alida: Your portraits are extremely communicative, much more than just fashion pictures, them are more like paints. One of the photos that struck me the most sensitivity and tenderness emotion is the potrait of the famous pianist Lang Lang. In this shot he showed almost an adolescent shyness. What memories do you have of the shots with Lang Lang?

Antonio Guccione:“Lang Lang is an extraordinary person, I have never met people like him. I went to met him in the Theater of Parma while he was rehearsing for the concert in the evening, for no reason he established an atmosphere flashing, Lang Lang played and I paralyzed I listened to him, Lang Lang communicated with me throughout  sounds, everything was so intense that I felt I die, I do not know, the photographs that I realized immortalized a genius, simple, simple.”

Lang Lang

Lang Lang Potrait by Antonio Guccione All rights reserved

Alida:  In addition to Lang Lang’ve taken other great music, an all Dizzi Gillespie. During yours photo shoot, do you listen to music? What genres do you like?

Antonio Guccione:“ I love all music, depends on the situation, sometimes the invitation of the band to play while a photographer, sometimes depend by the mood of the  moment, classical music, jazz, experimentation. Dizzy Gillespie was a child doce and shy. In these days I’m listening to Bjork and even Amy Winehouse .”

 Alida: If you’ll have to describe yourself with a soundtrack, what would it be?

Antonio Guccione:“Lennon’s Imagine”



Alida: In this era of great change, of supersonic speeds and Social Network how it moves your soul as an artist? Today with Instagram are all photographers and all of them are artists. What do you think of the new technologies  in the field photography?

Antonio Guccione: “I’m glad the new technologies, help everyone to be someone, maybe an artist.Photography in traditional terms is no longer exists and I think it’s  over. Today there is cyberphotograph, blogger, “Mister Istagram” …I am fine about that because I take what I need to create, without limits and without shame, the important for me is to make a true and authentic CREATION.” 

Alida: I met you a little time ago at one of your shows at the “Hotel Boscolo Milano” and I must admit that your style does not go unnoticed, you’re always very elegant and sophisticated as well as in photography and also in your look in the accessories you wear. What is your relationship with fashion?

Antonio Guccione: “ With fashion and my relationship bad, I do not like to be fashionable.In the  winter I use dark clothing for the whole summer I prefer white suit. I dress the same way for several years now, if you like my habit are hats, I love them.”


Alida: I remember with pleasure that you took a photo of the beautiful model Iman, who later became the wife of David Bowie. What can you tell us sull’altera black Venus?

Antonio Guccione “Iman is not only a beautiful woman, Iman has an attitude out of the ordinary, her way of being is amazing, I understand why an artist like David is in love with her. Iman has no equal.”

Iman portrait by Antonio Guccione

Iman portrait by Antonio Guccione


Alida: Your photographic style is more and more valuable with the play of light and your backgrounds surrealists borrowed from Magritte or Dalì. In the historical period the is an overload of Photoshop. What are the techniques that you like when you shoot?


Antonio Guccione: “Alida, I’m using the same technique on photograph since over 30 years, and it is pretty much  the same photograph, just that. I don’t take notice,probably. Yes, Photoshop is a risk and can be dangerous, but look, that retouching has been around since the days of ” de Cart visit “by Nadar. Film wrap, developing, printing these today are still the means that I need to create, only that: they are expensive compared to digital and non-rejection.”


Alida: What are the pictures in which you are most tied?

Antonio Guccione: “No, I’m not tied to any photograph. So I hope to be able to bind myself to the next picture I’ll do.”


Alida:  Have you started when you was a kid,hungry and inspired. What do you remember of that time and if you’ll meet a guy like you motivated and with talent, today what you would like to say to him ?

Antonio Guccione:The memory I have of my past is the energy, the smells and sounds that have made me discover who I am now. If I’ll meet a guy I’d say the reasons to love life, be generous with love, do not be afraid of anything and remember that whatever the mind of man conceives, the man can achieve.”

Alida:  What are your future plans? Do you want to reveal to your fans a preview of what’s cooking?

Antonio Guccione: “What a good question, what’s cooking? See my dear and sweet Alida along the way I discovered that it is the achievement of a goal but my dream but rather the creative process, being in the middle of an ocean in a storm, not knowing where to go and not knowing when it will end. The creative process makes me happy. Maybe I’ll can change jobs, maybe put on a band and I’ll become a musician!”


“From Jesus to Yves Saint Laurent”

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 "Appreciate what we are and what we have is the first step toward happiness"







Antonio Guccione e Alida Altemburg

Antonio Guccione e Alida Altemburg