ACMI Museum Melbourne and Shaun Tan “The Lost Thing”


ACMI Museum Federation Square Melbourne

Today I have been to  the wonderful museum ACMI in Federation Square.

This museum situated in the heart of Melbourne provides viewers with an overview of film history and takes us on a journey into the future , starting from how did the cultural revolution  was talking about the famous sociologist Marshall McLhuan .

Between video games vintage and modern ,  Australians movies and overseas , fans of the genre can not be absolutely miss the chance to visit the beautiful gallery, which among other things is free.

Very interesting  the experiments in which we are called to participate: ” Sound and Vision ” where eyes and ears with the sound becomes image and the image becomes sound.

ACMI Museum Federation Square Melbourne

Colors and flavors of the ancient and modern cinemas , entertainment and reflection come together in a union to lose your head .

If you get in a movie is it your own dream, you can visit several smaller rooms that show films on the walls making you feel part of the scene .
Also interesting interactive quizzes to test your knowledge of film ( with the final score and ranking! ) and fun experiments  where you  become protagonists.


Shaun Tan "The lost thing"

The second gallery that I’ve visited today was a retrospective dedicated to a visionary illustrator , inspired by the movie “Brazil” who captures a world of fantasy told with an exceptional delicacy.

For those who do not know him, my suggestion is to search  on Google for Shaun Tan , you’ll love it !

For the first time exhibited at the museum the short movie ” The Lost Thing”
Melbourne -based production company Passion Pictures Australia Shaun invited to direct an animated version of The Lost Thing .

Several years later , the Oscar ®-winning short film emerged .

Shaun Tan "The lost thing"

This exhibition features Shaun ‘s exquisite original working drawings and sketches alongside exclusive footage of the animators and sound artists , demonstrating how the drawings were Brought to life on screen with movement , sound effects , music and narration .

The fairy-tale illustrations reflect a modern man , perhaps often imprisoned in the vast metropolis , but that never ceases to believe in their dreams and to be guided by his imagination .


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