A chat with Arthur Elgort/ Exhibition @Galleria Sozzani 2015

Arthur Elgort Alida Altemburg


While his sons Ansel and Warren Elgort are making names for themselves in the world of film, Arthur Elgort is famed for his fashion photography and his work with Vogue. Milan’s Galleria Carla Sozzani celebrates 50 years of his iconic work, with the exhibition The Big Picture.

Entitled ‘Arthur Elgort: The Big Picture’, the Galleria Carla Sozzani in Milan showcases five decades worth of the renowned fashion photographer’s iconic work, featuring the likes of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. If you’re unfamiliar with his name, Arthur Elgort is the man who introduced the ‘snapshot’ style of fashion photography to the world, encouraging free movement from his models. In fact, you could him the father of the style, breathing new life into a medium that had become far too conventional and stiff in its presentation. He was inspired by reportage photography and photojournalism, and strived to recreate that feeling through his own work.


Arthur hello how are you? How to be here in Milan?
It’s cold outside, snowing, but the welcome is warm!
I’m admiring your wonderful images. Communicating pure soul. There are attractive locations, from China to Africa and major European cities: Paris, London. The place where you took and that you carry in your heart.

Surely Paris and London. And then St. Petersburg. Today is like being in Milan, you should go there, it is very nice.

However, every location where I worked has a story, I have a bond with my travels: tastes, smells, sensations.

Among all the models you’ve worked with, who you had better feeling in the shoot?

I photographed supermodels of the 80s when the fashion industry has reached a level never seen before, what can I tell you, they are all beautiful. I have a special memory, with  Linda Evangelista, Apollonia and then Emma. Did you see? They are perfect, caught in a moment of extreme naturalness.

And then comes Kate …
Oh yes … Then Kate Moss, different from all. You remind me of her! Very thin, but with an incredible face and charisma!

Damn that compliment (!) We continue with the interview … I absolutely loved the shots also musicians. What is your relationship with music?
Well, music is life. The shots musicians are among my favorites, see, for example, that picture ….




And what do you do? Amin… In your life, for live…

I am .. Well … I have fun with the classical piano and my blog… So…

What do you think of Schumann? I love it! Even Haydn. Another that I loved to hear was Benedetti Michelangeli, a touch of sweet. I know a lot of musician in New York City,where I live, and some pianist. I love concert. When do you play and where?

Arthur ElgortArthur Elgort


You put me in a box with this unexpected question… So in Piano City Milano 2015, a free event for people organised by Common of Milan!

Master,  you have not only a strong aesthetic sense but you have a great taste in music! Switch from the Rolling Stones to Haydn’s time is really quite a jump, which keeps in his schizophrenia some logic  and sounds evolutionary.  I saw on the web that you have a dedicated page and you have a wonderful site: http://www.arthurelgort.com
What is your relationship with the new technologies?

Let’s say that, currently I’ve no time to dedicate because  I’m very busy  for my Exhibith around the world so I’ve ask to someone’s provide for me to write content, as my sister.

I admired the latest work of your son Ansel http://ansel-elgort.com  as a model and musician!  Many congrats for this career!

It has now started this project, I’m content for him. You are young and you have to prove that you have wings and  you can fly.



Many thanks to Arthur Elgort for this beautiful interview and don’t forget if you came to Milan to visit the @Galleria Carla Sozzani @Corso Como 10:



Arthur Elgort Alida Altemburg


Ph: Armando Melocchi, Alberto Collini